BOOMco. Halo Covenant Plasma Overcharge Blaster

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BOOMco. Halo Covenant Plasma Overcharge Blaster

Get stuck in the action with the Halo powered by BOOMco Covenant Plasma Overcharge Blaster! With an authentic, sleek design you can take on the UNSC in any environment, delivering the ultimate game-like blasting experience. The slide-action Covenant Plasma Overcharge Blaster fires up to 70 feet, and five Smart Stick darts are included so you can start the action right away. Get the competitive edge on the Halo battlefield and Blast Better with BOOMco! Firing distances are approximations only.

  • The BOOMco. Halo Covenant Plasma Overcharge Blaster Features:
  • Epic accuracy and shooting distances up to 70 feet Firing distances are approximations only
  • Halo-inspired Covenant deco and designs
  • Brings the Halo in-game experience to life
  • Includes 5 Smart Stick darts
  • Dive into the Halo Universe - blaster first!


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