TOY Life - Dry Erase Flash Cards

🏅READ & WRITE DEVELOPMENT- Laminated and high-quality, the baby flash cards will help improve learn & read & write the alphabet letter. Printed with guidelines, starting point, red dots, and stroke sequence, the sight word flashcards can impart your child with basic knowledge of the alphabet by practicing writing letters. 🏅 MASTER SIGHT WORDS IN EARLY AGES - The kindergarten flash cards are designed to let your little one get a comprehensive understanding of sight words in writing, reading. These sight word flash cards comes with a letter practice book to consolidate what they have learned. 🏅Assorted Flash Cards Choices - 4 bonus cards are included for learning practical knowledge in life. Time and clock cards are for teaching the principle of clock rotation and the distribution of twenty-four hours, and week and month card is for week and month recognition, Phonetic Flash card for pronunciation, letter flash card for practicing.
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