TOY Life - Baby Musical Toy - Giraffe

PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR BABY: Our musical baby toy is the perfect size for your baby. It's a cute little toy which can fit in the palm of your hand. It also has a sturdy design that will stand the play test while your baby enjoys the colors, music and lights on this light up musical toy for infants. No angle design also makes it safe for a baby. You will not be disappointed with the durability and the safety of this award winning educational baby toy. LIGHT UP MUSICAL BABY TOY PIANO AND NOT TOO LOUD: This musical baby toy has 3 modes, makes 7 animal sounds and 7 songs. Automatically shut it self off if left on which makes it convenient when your baby falls asleep and you don't bother to turn it off. A volume control on this baby toy side helps you to control the volume according to different situations. STEM EDUCATIONAL TOY: This light up baby toy is ideal for providing your infant with an educational and developmental musical experience.
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