PicassoTiles - PicassoTiles Mix and Match 25 Piece Magnetic Puzzle Cube Set

PicassoTiles 25 Piece Magnetic Puzzle Game Magic Cube Puzzles Brain Teaser Set Kids Toy Magnet Pattern Block Matching Toys with Free Ideabook 150+ Inspirations Included STEM Learning Early Education LEARNING BY PLAYING - SCIENTIFIC & ARTISTIC - PicassoTiles puzzle game challenge toys magnetic pattern block magic cube brain teaser puzzles twisting kit promotes logic training, critical thinking, problem solving, and hand-eye coordination skills. STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, art and Math, all-in-one enabling the kids to learn by intuitive play and bring out the best of all to be artistically creative while technically, architecturally, and intelligently advanced at the same time Features IN THE BOX - Ideabook with over 150+ design inspirations from basic shape to complex designs - 25 piece puzzle cubes that is consist of 150 patterned puzzles on each side of the cubes - 17 unique puzzle patterns
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