nemibaby - Nemibaby Foldable Baby/Toddler 4-in-1 Bathtub (Pink)

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This bathtub can easily folds and stores into even the smallest spaces to save space at home or when traveling. It is suitable for newborns infants and toddlers from ages 0-15. The PP material is very thick and firm, plus the TPR thickening in the wrinkles of the barrel. Legs are made of high quality aluminum, so its shape won't deform when water is filled. Features: Multi-function Design This bathtub can be used for bathing, swimming, sitting and storage. It is also height adjustable which can be used for babies at different stages. Safe and Stable Made from high quality non-toxic, odorless, safe PP materials. Aluminum standing & anti-slip design makes it extra stable. Always make sure the safety locks on the stands are locked while using. Temperature Sensor + Bath Stool The special material of the drain makes it changes color when temperature of the water rises above 37℃. Included bath stool can make bathing more comfortable and safe for your baby!
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